Chef’s creation of soup for today $7.95

Farmers market salad
Market squash, corn, mix greens, almonds, pumpkin seeds, avocado-lime vinaigrette

Iceberg wedge salad

Tomato, radishes, scallions, blue cheese, bacon, blue cheese  or French dressing

Bloody Mary Caesar $8.95
Spicy bloody mary Caesar dressing, vodka, grana padano cheese, ginger garlic croutons pesto asiago crostini, tangy caesar dressing, grana padano cheese

House garden salad
Mesclun mix lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, radish, mandarin orange & berries, raspberry dressing

Breaded young mozzarella $12.95
Bocconcini cheese, arugula, aged balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, radish, heirloom cherry  

Butter Prawns
White wine, garlic, caper, lemon, parsley, crushed chilli, asiago crostini

Jalapeño, tomato, cucumber, lemon chipotle aioli yogurt cucumber Italian parsley dip

Shrimp Gyoza
Shrimp, nira, ginger-pomegranate ponzu


Spaghetti bolognese $14.95
Ground beef-tomato vegetable sauce, spaghetti, parmigiano reggiano

Chicken carbonara $14.95
Pancetta, chicken breast, peppers, chilli, scallion, parmigiano reggiano, cream sauce

Acqua lounge penne
Spicy tomato sauce, black beans, edamame, mushrooms, garlic, red chillies, dry white wine, grana padano parmigiano, garlic bread

Prawns pesto linguine
Bell peppers, mushrooms, scallion, chilli, tomatoes, spinach, pesto cream, sauce, grana padano parmigiano, garlic bread


Herb-Crusted Salmon $24.95
Mash potato, seasonal vegetables

Zinfandel, lamb shank $25.95
Braised lamb shank in red zinfandel, spices, mashed potatoes

Parmesan eggplant
Tomato sauce, gluten free parmesan breading, basil

10oz New York steak $32.95
Herb butter, center cut strip loin, full bodied texture, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, peppercorn sauce

St. Louis barbecue pork ribs $24.95
Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, spiced, French fries, house garden salad

Mumbai Butter chicken $23.95
Chicken breast, cream tomato sauce, basmati rice, naan, a traditional east Indian dish

& salad $27.95
Centre cut strip loin 6oz, full bodied texture, Italian bread, mesclun mix, tomato, cucumber, radish, balsamic reduction

Spicy chicken cordon bleu
Gluten free breaded chicken breast, capicola, havarti cheese, truffle glaze, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables


Apple pie $8.95
Puff pastry, Okanagan apples, vanilla ice cream

Turtle molten cake $8.95
Fudgy chocolate bundt, toasted pecans, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, berry coulis

Chocolate eruption
Chocolate cream, caramel, nuts, chocolate chips chunks of turtle cheesecake

Gelato, chef feature ice cream


Taxes and Gratuities are not included